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Please feel free to contact me at: robin@robinwademusic.com

About me:

I’ve been involved in music creation for longer than I’d care to remember. The first job I ever applied for back in the ’80s was to create music for games by the Sheffield based company Gremlin Graphics. I was too young to officially be employed at that time, but received some solid feedback.

The years in between have seen me performing in many groups, in genres as diverse as Punk, Rock, Metal, Classical, Jazz and Soul. I graduated from the City of Leeds College of Music with a B.A. Hons in Jazz Studies in ’97. Following this I balanced a full time day job in I.T. whilst teaching, performing writing and producing music in my free time. I’ve taken instruction from some of the most respected names in the various music industries and have developed a large personal network of fellow musicians. I’m very grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had with which to expand my musical abilities and very excited about what opportunities await me.

A recent position at Cervo Media involved the creation and end-to-end production of music for games installed on well over 100 million devices around the world.

Having graduated with an M.A. in Orchestration in 2019 I’m now working with various production companies and contributing to the success of an adaptive audio technology firm.


“Robin is a dedicated, proactive worker who is passionate about his profession and puts a lot of love into details. You can always count on him and his wide range of skills when you are going for music and sound effects in AAA quality.”

Stefan Kohl
Founder, Dyadic Games E.U.

“During his time at Cervo Media, Robin consistently delivered high quality game music and sound effects for multiple high profile mobile products (approx. 100 million global installs), often at very short notice.

His attention to detail and professionalism were a valuable asset to the company.”

Christian Baumgartner
Former CEO, Cervo Media GMBH