RWM : Audio / Video

Below you’ll find a selection of pieces I’m permitted to share. My recent work is either subject to non-disclosure or is under review for inclusion in various projects. If you’re a company selling music or sound design commercially and would like my private playlist please contact me here:

Had great fun jamming with some incredible musicians at the Game Dev Days Graz – Green Lobster Studios, after-hours live-stream jam session:

VSL Demos

My SYNCHRON-ized Woodwinds walkthrough / demo for VSL – ‘Die Vogelhochzeit’:

My Big Bang Orchestra demo for VSL:

Black Eye – Audio demo ‘Scenes of Treacherous Belligerence’ (opens in new tab):

My MIDI mock-up of Bernard Herrmann’s incredible prelude to the film Psycho:

Sikanda! An amazing game under development by Stefan Kohl / Dyadic Games which I’m proud to be involved with:

I provided music for a director friend’s film for a tools manufacturer:

My entry in the ‘Heroic Disaster Composer Competition launched by Thinkspace Education:

Some recent game music :

Here’s a selection of compositions that I’ve uploaded to SoundCloud:

Blendion. This was a one-take guitar improvisation to a drum loop late one evening. The video consists of some sketches I made using Blender 3D software:

In an attempt to better understand the orchestral music of Ravel I spent rather a long time programming Une Barque Sur L’Ocean into Sibelius and having it play back with VST instruments (This is not a Mock-Up, just a way to demonstrate how Sibelius plays VSL libraries):